Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Schedule An Appointment?

You can walk in and see a physician without scheduling an appointment. We have multiple physicians on staff and take pride in keeping wait times short so that you can see a doctor and find relief sooner.

You can call us at (708) 942-7237 if you are unsure whether you should go to an emergency room or would like to let us know that you are coming.


What Is Urgent Care? Can I Get Treated At Galilee Urgent Care?
Urgent care is any illness, injury, or medical necessity that requires seeing a doctor now, but is not a life-threatening emergency. This includes broken bones, flu/cold symptoms, and physicals for schools or sports. If you are experiencing a life-threatening symptom such as chest pain or breathing problems, visit an emergency room. You can find emergency rooms near you by clicking here.
Will My Insurance Cover Urgent Care Costs?

You should call your insurance to make sure urgent care is covered; most insurances will require a co-pay at the time of payment regardless. If you have a PPO insurance, ask if Galilee Urgent Care is "in-network." If we are not in your coverage network, we will bill your insurance as "out-of-network," but we try to accommodate every patient so our "out-of-network" prices are generally comparable with our "in-network" prices.

We accept most major insurances including Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, and Medicare. If you do not have insurance or urgent care is not covered, you will be billed as a "self-pay" patient.

What Should I Bring To An Appointment?

Bring an I.D. card and your most recent insurance card. If applicable, please also bring a list with the names and dosages of any medications you are currently taking.

How Is Galilee Urgent Care Different From Other Urgent Care Facilities?

Our facility is built around your convenience. We have everything from an in-house MRI center to a large parking lot to make your visit as smooth as possible.

All our doctors are board-certified and treat patients with years of experience.

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